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插畫師 Nic Mac - Interview

How long have you been drawing? Beside illustration, do you work on other projects?
At the moment most of my other projects still revolve around illustration in some way apart from writing, which is predominantly a hobby of mine, though I have been slowly incorporating it within my work, such as a series of poetic Zines I’m working on that explore mental health…


The YAK Magazine -

Cover image and interview

Wave to Nic Mac - The Yak caught up with illustrator Nic Mac – who designed the front cover image for Yak #62 – to talk influencers and background checks. Go…


BE Kind Magazine - Feature

Making Waves - nicmac talks to us about her artwork

Tell us about your path into illustration? I suppose I’d call the ‘path’, an inevitable one really. Drawing was my default and art was the only thing I would lookforward to in school. Every other step and landmark that I reached along the path was fuelled by the need to follow anything that allowed me to do that.

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Nic Mac Uses Dreamlike Visual Metaphor to Explore Living with Depression and Anxiety in this Tactile, Fold-Out Zine

Nic Mac’s zine ØMIT makes use of extended visual metaphor to frame her protagonist’s life in surreal yet eerily recognisable terms. We first meet the comic’s narrator – a young woman with a house for a head – lying unconscious on wasteland. We observe as she slowly struggles to traverse this unwelcoming terrain….

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Artist Nic Mac Discusses That Wave With Us

…We discovered the work of illustrator Nic Mac, who has reimagined Hokusai’s classic, ‘The Great Wave.’ With Mac’s approach a more realistic, up-to-date take on the original, it is aptly entitled, ‘The Great Plastic Wave.’ Wanting to know more about the origins of the piece and the artist herself, we recently caught up with Nic to discuss what inspires her as an artist and why she thinks the medium of art can be so powerful at conveying such important messages….




We caught up with Nic Mac an illustrative artist whose art focuses on important topics in todays modern society like Technology, the Environment and Mental Health. To discuss her views on the environment and her interpretation of ‘The Great Wave’ as ‘The Great Plastic Wave.’..